Swedish eco-lodge with forest huts, floating sauna

Don't these adorable forest huts look like something out of a movie? Can you feel this one beckoning you in?

If you love the outdoors and self-sufficiency but find sleeping under the stars a bit much, this eco-lodge in Sweden could be for you. The rustic huts covered in live greenery look like they sprang up out of the ground, right there in the forest. It's less formal than a log cabin, more substantial than a tent, and you stoke your own wood fire to stay warm.

Forest huts at Kolarbyn eco-lodge in Sweden Two of the forest huts at Kolarbyn, one with a fire lit for the evening

Staying at Sweden's Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge

This place is called Kolarbyn, and staying here is all about returning to nature and a simpler life. There is no electricity, and don't even think about wifi. Forget the laptop, and learn to live without your gadgets (except the camera - you'll want that)!

There's no running water either, unless you count the nearby stream (which doubles as your shower). You fetch your own drinking water from the well, and chop your own wood for the fire (which doubles as your stove). After cooking your own dinner, you enjoy the stars, the fire, and the silence of the magnificent forest.

Yes, it's a lot like camping, but Kolarbyn is definitely cooler.

Interior of one of the forest huts at Kolarbyn, Sweden Inside the huts are two hard beds with sheepskins, a fireplace, and candles

You've got more shelter than a tent. The huts are wood inside, and you get a rough wooden bed covered with a sheepskin for some softness. BYOP (bring your own pillow). There are candles for light, and a fireplace to get the place toasty warm.

One advantage (aside from those oh-so-cute little huts) is that this eco-lodge lets you stay in the forest for a couple of nights without lugging your camping gear to Sweden. They provide most of the gear you need, including pots and pans, and you can rent a sleeping bag if you don't bring your own.

Things to do at Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge

  • Hike on the trails through the forest.
  • Go fishing or swimming in the lake.
  • Meditate in the woods.
  • Watch the stars at night.
  • Learn about local flora and fauna.
  • Take the canoe or rowboat out on the lake.
  • Practice your Swedish.
  • Play with the fire.
  • Pick blueberries.
  • Take a guided tour to see moose or beavers.

What about this floating sauna?

For an even more exotic adventure, you can stay here during the winter. You'll need a heavy duty sleeping bag and warm clothes, but what could be cooler than a snow-covered hut in the woods?

Winter brings cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and ice skating opportunities. Then there is the floating sauna. Watch the video, and see if this is for you. Personally, I think it all looks fantastic, until that very last part... Brrrr! 🙂

For a unique nature experience, check out this Swedish eco-lodge, known as "Sweden's most primitive hotel". This could make a pretty cool interlude in the middle of a Scandinavian vacation. Just make sure to plan the night afterwards at a hotel with a hot shower and soft bed.

Find out more at: Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge, Sweden

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