Stylish women's belt hides money and more

Now you can keep your cash and valuables safely hidden away, and do it with style. The Women's No Worries Security Travel Belt is a fashion conscious money belt just for women.

Fashionable women's belt hides your money A money belt for women, with style

For security when you travel, it's best not to carry all your cash in your purse or daypack. Purses are a tempting target for pickpockets and thieves. It's a whole lot safer to keep your cash, credit cards, room key, or other valuables out of sight, and out of reach.

This money belt has a hidden pocket on the inside, that is big enough to stash your money, cards, jewelry or other small items. The zip-closed pocket keeps your valuables where you can access them, but nobody else will know they're there.

What makes this money belt really unique is its sense of style. The silky smooth fabric, chic asymmetric design, and chunky silver buckle make it look like a fashion accessory. Who would suspect what lies inside?

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