Powerful versatile travel charger (solar too!)

Don't let your electronics run out of juice on your travel adventures. This powerful charger can keep your phone, iPod, iPad, Kindle, and other devices charged up, no matter where your trip takes you.

Rugged, powerful and versatile travel charger Powerful travel charger keeps things running

The Power Monkey Extreme Solar iPad Charger is one of the most powerful travel chargers on the market. With a whopping 9,000 mAh of power, this holds enough portable power to charge an iPhone 6 times over. You can even use it to charge two devices at once. Next time you're on a 24-hour journey, you can talk, listen and watch movies to your heart's content!

For international travel, this device is designed so you can recharge it in North American, European, Australian and UK plugs - no additional converter needed. And when you're off the grid entirely, just unfold its solar panels, and you have power there, too!

The Power Monkey Extreme Solar iPad Charger charges a plethora of different devices. It can handle your iPad, iPod, or iPhone. It can handle Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, and many other phones. It can handle Garmins, Kindles, various tablets and e-readers, and even some digital cameras.

What else? This charger has a rugged case, and it's waterproof, too. It can hold a charge for years, so it will be ready when you need it. The charger comes in bright, fun colors, and it even has its own travel case.

Whether you're flying around the world or trekking in the Rockies, you'll always have the power you need.

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Power Monkey Extreme Solar iPad Charger

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