Stroll through the manicured Gardens of Marqueyssac

The elegant gardens of Marqueyssac, France are a wonderful place to spend an afternoon. The winding paths are cool and shady, and bordered by elaborately shaped boxwood hedges. A leisurely stroll brings you to an overlook with a glorious vista of the Dordogne Valley. And what's a grand garden without a castle?

Manicured Italian style garden in Marqueyssac The elegant, sculptured garden at Marqueyssac, France

The Gardens of Marqueyssac

The Chateau de Marqueyssac was built in the 1700s, but it was a century later when a new owner, Julien de Cerval, decided to make the gardens one of the showplaces of Europe. He planted boxwoods by the thousands, sculpted into rounded shapes bordering sinuous paths. Punctuated with cypresses and umbrella pines, this Italian style garden rivals the finest anywhere.
Marqueyssac chateau, France The Chateau de Marqueyssac

Visiting this landscaping marvel today, you'll find over three miles of winding, shady paths. There are 150,000 boxwoods over 100 years old, all pruned and shaped by hand. A variety of herbs lend fragrance to the air, and benches carved into the rocks offer a charming place to rest. The gardens also have waterfalls, peacocks, a nature pavilion, and a games area for kids. For refreshment, there is a restaurant and tea room.

The Chateau of Marqueyssac

Marqueyssac is in the Dordogne region of France, an area also known as PĂ©rigord. Sometimes called "land of 1001 castles", this is the place to visit if you love castles!

The Chateau de Marqueyssac seems overshadowed by its gardens, which are far more elaborate than the architecture of the castle itself. Constructed as a luxury residence rather than a military fortification, it has a simple style, and an impressive stone roof.

Like many castles, this one is located high on a craggy spot above the river valley. After meandering through the gardens, you'll wind up at the Belvedere. This vista spot gives panoramic views of the Dordogne Valley, with the river at your feet. You can spy a few more of the thousand castles (Beynac, Fayrac, and Castelnaud), as well as the tiny village of La Roque-Gageac.

View of La Roque Gageac from Marqueyssac The village of La Roque-Gageac from the Marqueyssac belvedere

Marqueyssac travel tip

On selected evenings, the garden paths are lit with thousands of candles, for the most romantic setting you can imagine. You may also hear the notes of a live jazz band floating through the garden. See the schedule of events on the website below.

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Whether you love castles, gardens, vistas or romance, Marqueyssac is a cool addition to your travel list.

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