Venture into an ice cave in New Zealand

For a really cool (in fact, downright chilly) adventure, how about an ice cave? This incredible spot is a cave that's part of the Fox Glacier, in New Zealand. You might need to wade through icy waters to reach a spot like this, but the magical light of the glacier-blue ice is a spectacular reward.

Exploring the ice cave - Fox Glacier, New Zealand Exploring an ice cave beneath the Fox Glacier, New Zealand

The Fox Glacier is on New Zealand's south island, near the west coast. It begins high in the Southern Alps, and reaches downward toward the sea, ending in an area of lush rainforest. You can visit a rainforest and glacier on the same day!

For the maximum glacier experience, you take a helicopter back to a remote area of the glacier. Professional glacier guides outfit you with boots and crampons, then you take off onto the ice.

From a distance, you can't tell how rugged the surface of a glacier is. Jagged peaks and crevasses of unknown depth create a uniquely challenging landscape.

Glaciers are slow moving rivers of ice, so the terrain is constantly shifting. The guides regularly scout out new routes, finding you a safe path to visit wonderful formations. There's no guarantee that an ice cave like this one will be accessible when you go, but you're sure to see some incredible sights, and have an icy adventure to remember. 🙂

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