The coolest, cleverest Travel Vest ever

Any decent travel vest has to look good as part of your travel wardrobe, and have travel-practical features like wrinkle resistance. A good vest also has well thought out pockets, to keep essential items handy. The very coolest travel vests have 17+ cleverly designed special purpose pockets, and carry everything in sleek, streamlined style.

Scottevest travel vest, women's design The cool and clever Scottevest travel vest

The Scottevest Multi-Pocket Travel Vest is without a doubt the coolest piece of travel clothing I have ever owned.

It has a plethora of specialized pockets, each designed and labeled for a purpose. You have pockets for your phone, camera, sunglasses, boarding pass, water bottle, and more. The women's vest has 17 pockets, and the men's Scottevest has a whopping 24!

In these days of airplane luggage fees (some companies even charge for carry-on bags), loading up the pockets on this travel vest is like having an extra free carry-on bag. It's convenient on the plane too, since everything you want is right there in your pocket, not in the overhead compartment or under the seat.

The weight of all your items is ergonomically distributed around your body, which is easier on your back than carrying another bag. It's also a lot more secure than carrying those valuables in a separate bag.

OK, so some other travel vests do have multiple pockets, but they generally look bulky, bumpy and frumpy. The Scottevest vests are designed to hold all this gear and still look streamlined and slim. Whether you've got it loaded up for a plane flight, or relatively empty for lunch at a trattoria, it's a good-looking vest you'll be happy to wear.

The pocket for your iPod or mp3 player deserves special mention. It's designed so you can access the controls right through the vinyl pocket. The cord is routed through a unique Personal Area Network(tm), so that the earbuds are kept right where you need them - in cute, convenient little earbud pockets right by the collar.

Now is that cool, or what? 🙂

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  1. Brian

    A great vest, especially when faced with limited carry-on bags, it is like wearing an extra carry-on that does not count as one. It can make the difference from having to pay for a checked bag, or not. Also, helps when the plane gets cold at altitude. Strong seams, a well made product that can pay for itself on the first flight.

    • Thanks, Brian! You're right - it can make a big difference being able to carry that much comfortably in a vest. The baggage fees are getting ridiculous, on some airlines even carry-ons are expensive! 🙁

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