Ash boarding - Surfing a live volcano (video)

Have you heard of ash boarding? It's kind of like surfing, snow boarding, or tobogganing. The key difference is that you do it down the side of a live volcano.

The hot spot for ash boarding is Cerro Negro, the youngest volcano in Nicaragua. The crater of this mountain still smolders and smokes, and it almost certainly will erupt again before long. In the meantime, the ash covered sides of the peak are a destination for travelers seeking a new adventure.
Ready for some volcano surfing in Nicaragua Ready to ride that board down the volcano - Cerro Negro, Nicaragua

What you do is carry your board to the top of the mountain. Here you can admire the views of Nicaragua spread out below you, or peer into the sulfurous depths of the crater.

Once the viewing is done, you don protective gear, then ride your board down the steep slope of ashy rock to the bottom. Most tourists will sit down on it like a toboggan, but some brave souls attempt the trip standing up.

As you can imagine, this is a lot dirtier than the equivalent snow activity. If you fall over on the way down, the rock isn't as forgiving, either. But if you're ready for something new and different, Nicaragua could be the place to go.


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